The internet is an ever-present part of our lives. It’s how we connect and communicate with the world around us. Yet even with all the advancements in broadband internet, we still know the frustration of watching a spinning wheel on our screens.


The problem? Home WiFi. That’s why Plume assembled a team of industry heavyweights to set a new standard for awesome WiFi, and to abandon the router once and for all.


Ohgee Consulting created a visual language free of complexity—complimenting the unobtrusive and integrated nature of the Plume WiFi experience. The design process was guided by two fundamental attributes of the product experience: adaptability and context. ‘Adaptability’ helped to define an aesthetic that is seamlessly integrated into the product experience by visual means of transparency, reflectivity, or modularity.


‘Context’ guided details that supported where the product was being experienced—in the home. This lead to opportunities to create subtle moments across applications, especially packaging, that embraced softer, neutral materials and color palettes (such as felt, suede, and gold) to provide a more grounded, lifestyle tone to a generally lifeless category.